11 August 2009

'Hello' | CBeebies | RedBeeMedia

A young parrot travels the world saying 'Hello' to children in lots of different countries. The film mixes live-action children with a richly illustrated world and colourful animated characters.
Watch the film here

10 August 2009

'Goodnight' | CBeebies | RedBeeMedia

The companion film to 'Hello'. This time a young firefly says 'Goodnight' to lots of different children across the world. Live-action children run, jump and swing across lanterns and bunting as they chase the animated firefly.
Watch the animation here

9 August 2009

'from www to zzz' | thesleeproom.com

A bear cannot get to sleep. So he contacts a team of bed manufacturing birds who build and deliver a brand new bed in which he can hibernate. A great concept and beautiful illustrations by Luke Best.
Watch the animation here