2 March 2008

'Secret Santa' | DDB London

DDB London asked Peepshow to make an animated Christmas card which tied in with the installation we were creating for their reception. Our idea had mysterious gifts strewn about a snowy landscape, native wildlife and an electro band with a penguin percussion section.
Watch the animation here

30 January 2008

'Tadpole' | Growing Together | CBeebies

The first of four animations for CBeebies under the title 'Growing Together'. The lovely scripts from Red Bee Media provided lots of material to work with - in this film children learning about tadpoles turning into frogs.
You can see the animation here

'Acorn' | Growing Together | CBeebies

The fourth animation in the series of 'Growing Together' films. The story of a lively acorn turning into a towering oak tree.
You can see the animation here

1 January 2008