23 March 2010

10 March 2010

Van Marcke / Unicef

Produced by Peepshow with Adrian Johnson.
TBWA Belgium approached Adrian to create the print campaign and from that we were asked to make the TV commercial. A lovely little story developed from following water pipes across the globe to provide clean drinking water in Africa.

15 February 2010

Everything Is Possible | Teesside High School | Wash Design

Jenny produced the artwork for the Teesside High School prospectus with Wash Design - this animation was commissioned as an extension of that project. We interviewed and recorded the kids talking about what they wanted to do once they left school - so the film features spacemen, architects, pilots and saxophonists.

10 February 2010

CBBC - Play, Create, Explore and Discover

A little animation made for internal use at CBBC to explain how the new website will include more social networking and online games. Created and produced with Charlie Gower at Fjord.

18 October 2009

CBBC Illustration

Initial styling for an animation for CBBC.

11 August 2009

'Hello' | CBeebies | RedBeeMedia

A young parrot travels the world saying 'Hello' to children in lots of different countries. The film mixes live-action children with a richly illustrated world and colourful animated characters.
Watch the film here

10 August 2009

'Goodnight' | CBeebies | RedBeeMedia

The companion film to 'Hello'. This time a young firefly says 'Goodnight' to lots of different children across the world. Live-action children run, jump and swing across lanterns and bunting as they chase the animated firefly.
Watch the animation here

9 August 2009

'from www to zzz' | thesleeproom.com

A bear cannot get to sleep. So he contacts a team of bed manufacturing birds who build and deliver a brand new bed in which he can hibernate. A great concept and beautiful illustrations by Luke Best.
Watch the animation here

2 March 2008

'Secret Santa' | DDB London

DDB London asked Peepshow to make an animated Christmas card which tied in with the installation we were creating for their reception. Our idea had mysterious gifts strewn about a snowy landscape, native wildlife and an electro band with a penguin percussion section.
Watch the animation here

30 January 2008

'Tadpole' | Growing Together | CBeebies

The first of four animations for CBeebies under the title 'Growing Together'. The lovely scripts from Red Bee Media provided lots of material to work with - in this film children learning about tadpoles turning into frogs.
You can see the animation here

'Acorn' | Growing Together | CBeebies

The fourth animation in the series of 'Growing Together' films. The story of a lively acorn turning into a towering oak tree.
You can see the animation here

1 January 2008